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Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees

Top Puppy in Breed 2007


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Sancholees Ceasars Palace, homebred by 2nd in OD, very well developed and forward for 71/2 months, nice head to handle, balanced, very pleasing eye and expression, good foreface, good neck and shoulder, very well off for bone for age, strong straight legs and firm pasterns, good length of back, well covered by coat of correct texture and well presented, good rear, super thigh muscle enabling good drive from the rear. Sancholees Monte Carlo, litter brother to 1 but not as forward, good head pleasing eye and expression, good mask, good front construction, strong legs, good feet, pleasing outline, well presented moved out well.

Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees, my JD winner last year and sire of BPD, coming into his own, lovely make and shape and presented in the pink, such a lovely masculine lad with saucy expression, a very confident dog with lovely temperament, very clean head, pleasure to go over, good ears, skull, muzzle, strong neck, good shoulder, very strong bone, straight legs and firm pasterns, good length of body, well constructed rear, well muscled thigh, very sound on the move with good side extension. In the challenge for RCC could not match Buddy for type and panache but by no means disgraced, looked a little tired. Sancholees Ceasars Palace, just 6 months old and what a cracker. A real baby but such a lot of potential. Classic head shape, colour and dark eye, well boned, good feet and pastern, well shaped stifle, overall balance and true mover. Sancholees Mirage, just 6 months and I see she is litter sisterto the PD and the same comments apply being so very promising. Lovely head, well boned, good stifle and particularly sound in rear movement.

Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees, I don't ever recall seeing this very handsome dog before but he was presented in immaculate order, is all male in head without ever veering towards coarseness, stunning eyes and expression and well placed ears. He is shapely, well ribbed, enough bend of stifle, very well boned forelegs with excellent strength in pastern which is sadly missing in too many. His action is even striding, balanced and smooth. All in all a lovely example of the breed and deserving of a title. Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees, My heartbreak of the day, winner when he stood and first moved but started to drop a shoulder on 2nd time around and didn't recover. Lovely type with great topline and correct angles. Hope he recovers his movement soon. Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees, Attractive with good body and rib, and correct tail and feet. A little straight in stifle. A nice head type but would prefer a stronger muzzle.

Sylbert Emperor Ridge at Sancholees, Another one of my favourites, not quite the substance of 1, but very well balanced and proportioned. Excellent firm level topline, well muscled and boned quarters, correct angulation, good tailset, his movement was on par with 1, RCC. Sancholees Aphrodites Rock, Nicely constructed sand coloured bitch in good coat. Strong head with rather round and light eye which distracted a little from the kind expression expected in the breed. Very nicely constructed, strong bone, good muscletone and angulation, very good mover.

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